2011년 여름 태국단기선교 간증문(Alice Kim)   11-08-23
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During my time there, we spent most of our mornings+afternoons helping
at Hana kindergarten along with the temporary summer school teachers.
They already hired temporary summer teachers so I simply helped the K2
teacher. It was a blessing to be able to meet the foreign and Thai
teachers at the school and to work with them. The teacher from K2 was
Sarah and she is originally from Ireland but came to Thailand after
getting married to a Thai man who is a translator for missionaries.
She was always so friendly and loving and I was blessed by her
presence. This time while working at the Kindergarten, I was able to
understand more of Missionary Jeon’s vision for the school. It is
amazing to see that there is a Christian kindergarten in the middle of
a Buddhist country and that God is using this school to expand his
kingdom in Chiang Mai.
Also, during my time, I really enjoyed working with the children and
learning to love them and show more grace to them. It was challenging
at times but through those times, God showed me more of how much grace
and love he pours out to me.

In addition to working at the kindergarten, we spent the evenings
teaching an hour of English to the Elisha students. We split them up
into two groups, one with the students that know more English, and the
other one with beginners. At first, it was challenging because Charlie
nor I ever taught English in a classroom setting so we didn’t really
know what to do. By God’s provision, we met Patti halfway through our
time there and she was a great blessing! Since she teaches English in
Korea, she was able to help us with coming up with ideas for our
sessions. I had a fun time teaching Elisha kids English and I hope
they had fun too.

Unlike the other times that I've been here, this was the first time I
was fully immersed into the Elisha students’ lives since we stayed at
the dorm. Although it was different, it was really fun and great
experience living with them and I got to know them on a deeper level.
One big challenge was language barrier, but we were still able to
share time and experiences together.
In the 3 weeks I spent living with them, I was tremendously blessed by
them and in the ways God opened my eyes and heart to see the reality
of who they are and in the way they live. Although this wasn't the
first time meeting them, this was the first that I was able to really
get to know some of them as individuals, see /hear about their
struggles/desires/etc. I love how God reminds me of how much he loves
his children. In the world's eyes, they don't have much, especially in
wealth or prestige, but my prayer for them is that they may be rich in
faith as promised (James 2:5 Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God
chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith
and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?).

Also, it was amazing to see how God is using them to reach the lost
people of Thailand. I didn’t know that Karen people were considered
inferior to Thai people. Though they are seen this way in humans'
eyes, God's chosen to use them for his glory, regardless of worldly

Though there is a lot that God has shown me and taught me through this
He's growing in me a deeper love for this country through prayer.
He continues to show me how much he loves this land, yet the idolatry
here is so visible and tangible. It saddened me once again how much
they idolize Buddha and the king.
As I pray for the people of the city and for the missionary's ministry
(whether it was through the kindergarten or the Elisha family), my
love increases and desperately want to see this country free from
their idols.

I am so grateful to God for allowing me to go to Thailand once again
this year through Hanaro. I praise God for finding me worthy in His
eyes to be able to see with my own eyes what he is doing in Thailand.
I really love being in this country and the people and I know God’s
love for them is even greater!

Thank you for reading and may God bless you Pastor Choy!

Alice Kim
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